With its simple three-step solution, Lingzini is an iOS app that helps you efficiently create names for your products, brands, and organizations. Using Lingzini, you can organize your word chunks, add new affixes, and combine them in unique ways. The end result is a brand name, product name, or a domain name.


Organize Your Chunks

Start out by creating at least two word lists that contain word chunks related to your idea. Chunks can be related by a theme, i.e., apple, pear, peach, etc. Lingzini will work from these lists to create possible names later.


Inspire New Possibilities

Further customize your name by selecting prefixes/suffixes from Lingzini's list of popular affixes to append to your word lists.  In addition, you may also utilize Lingzini's onboard Dictionary or Thesaurus for inspiration.


Check Availability

Generate new possible names by combining two word lists you created previously. Lingzini will sort and check their ".com" availabilities automatically. You may then choose to purchase a domain name accordingly.