Our Design


Home Screen

Lingzini's home screen offers great accessibility with a beautiful design. You could swipe left and right to check out Lingzini's features as well as their instructions. In addition, you may also toggle menu to read Professor K's latest article on naming or rate us.


For first time users, Lingzini automatically displays a tutorial for each of Lingzini's 3-Step solution.  The tutorial will include an explanation of the user interface and goal for each step. You will also have the option to 'reset tutorial' if you missed anything.


Affix list

Select a few prefixes or suffixes from our list of popular affixes to further customize your names. Our list provides affix from the following categories: tech, superlatives, colors, animals, numbers, etc. 


Seek inspiration by looking for synonyms from Lingzini's onboard Thesaurus. You may select the appropriate words to be included in your name lists. Our dictionary data comes from the renowned Oxford Dictionaries API.



Combine name lists and affixes from the previous steps. Lingzini will display the availability of each combined name by showing a check or an x-mark. You will then have the option to save your final list by adding them into your Notes or emailing it to yourself.

Domain Check

If you already came up with a name, you may check its domain availability in the home screen by tapping 'Domains'. You may choose to enjoy a cookie and purchase the domain via Dynadot if it is available.